3 Characteristics of Effective Guest Blogging

Everybody with any stake in this business remembers how guest blogging was declared dead back in 2014 and what a storm of confusion it caused. Amusingly enough, two years later the share of guest blogging as a marketing tool didn’t decrease in the slightest. It still can be used effectively, so let’s look at how.

By the way, guest posting services were leading trend in 2015 and keep to dominate.

1.    Networking

You cannot simply go to any blog you like and offer to write a guest post, especially if you don’t have any reputation. One way to get closer to this goal is to keep your own blog, make it popular and achieve the state when your name is recognizable in the industry – but it kind of defeats the purpose of promoting yourself via guest blogging in the first place.

Another method is described, for example, in this article by Alicia Rades about how she landed a guest post on Blogging Wizard, even though its owner directly stated he didn’t accept guest posts. It is a long and fascinating read, but it boils down to one word – networking. By interacting with the community, getting acquainted with the blog owner and starting a friendly relationship with him, she finally became a recognized member of this community. To accept a post from a stranger is one thing; to accept it from your friend is something else entirely.

2.    Research

If you want to write a guest post for a blog, you should know enough about the blog in question to make a viable suggestion. The blog owner should see that you don’t just send offers by a dozen, that you are a regular reader of this blog and won’t be out of place.


Tom Hunt, in his article about a guest blogging campaign that he ran, describes how he managed to write a post for Thrilling Heroics simply by following the blog for a while, noticing what kind of content it provided and what kind of tastes it catered to, checking out influencers the blog owner followed and personalizing his emailed offer correspondingly.

3.    Knowing Your Audience

Even an excellent post full of valuable insights that will keep readers interested until the very end is next to useless if it is presented to the audience that is different from the readership of your own blog. Chelsea Baldwin from NicheHacks describes an interesting situation from her own experience: she landed a guest post on HubSpot, a very influential marketing and sales blog. However, due to the resource being separated into several individual blogs, her post ended up in the sales blog rather than the marketing blog, where most of Baldwin’s target audience would be.

As a result, despite the post generating a great deal of interest and attention, it didn’t lead to many new subscriptions – simply because the interests of blog readers were too different.

As practice shows, guest blogging is alive and kicking – but using it efficiently involves a great deal of finesse, attention to details and readiness to work hard for the results.

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