4 Key Elements of Every Successful Facebook Ad

After the fall of organic reach, Facebook advertisements have become the best way for brands and companies to reach their target audience on Facebook. You may already know how to make a Facebook ad (if no, here is the link), but do you know how to make people click on it?

It is important to test your ideas and to experiment with different types of ads. In this article, I will list some of the crucial elements to create the best Facebook ads.

  1. Targeting the right people

Before you come up with the design for your marketing campaigns, think about who do you want to attract with its content. No matter how much money you are going to spend on Facebook marketing from your total budget, you still will not be able to reach every single person. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider what type of individuals is your audience so that you can focus on the right group.

By introducing Facebook Insights, the company allowed much easier targeting for all brands and businesses. It is one of the most important tools for Facebook advertising because it helps online businesses to find their target audience. Furthermore, it provides them with the information about people who visit their Facebook page. By using such analytics, you can see many detailed data such as gender, age groups, native language, and geographic location.

  1. Positioning

Facebook allows different positioning and different formats of your ads. You can choose whether you want the ads to appear in the ‘News Feed’ of your friends and fans, or perhaps at the bottom of the right margin of their ‘Home Page.’ The advertising is suitable for both desktop computers and smartphones.

When it comes to the format of the ad, you have two options: standard picture and video advertising. The best way to find out the most appropriate one is to keep testing.

You may consider all the options that Facebook offers, but the final decision should be based on the objective that you have for your business. Although the content of the videos format became incredibly popular lately, yet it might not be the best choice for your consumers.

  1. Watching out the rules

Pay attention to the rules, so you do not waste your time. Facebook is checking all ads manually before they get published.

If you plan to use text in your Facebook ad, it is important to know that you are allowed to cover only 20% of the picture with text. The ratio between the image and the text should be such that the visual appeal comes to the fore as well as to minimize the amount of reading.

And finally, if you are planning to advertise a product that is not a good fit for Facebook users of all ages, then watch out. They will not approve ads that are not suitable for a particular audience.

  1. Determining your goal

The design of your Facebook ad will depend on what you want to focus. For internet marketing experts who work in the field of promoting brands, the main aim is to make their brand recognizable or to connect with potential or existing customers on Facebook. For this reason, your marketing campaign needs to have a strong relationship with the brand.

If your main goal is conversion, then a definition of successful Facebook advertising is slightly different. Although it is important to keep the principles of your brand, in this case, the recognition is less important than response. The click rate depends on several factors such as a clear call to action, the button’s visibility, and integration of design with the desired action.

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