4 SEO Tricks You Need to Know to Succeed in Content Marketing in 2017

The pace of online world change is fast and getting even faster while content marketing remains the vital part of any successful digital marketing strategy. Content Marketing Institute reports that 70% of B2B marketers plan to create more content in 2017 compared to 2016 thus its impact on the overall brand strategy becomes even more significant. To keep winning in content marketing one definitely, needs to take into account SEO tricks and techniques to make sure the content created is ranked high enough.

A few years ago technical optimization was all SEO specialists needed to push the content to the audience and to achieve the top rankings. Before the rising importance of content marketing SEO was all about the optimized website and keyword-stuffed titles. However, due to Google developing algorithms and regular updates rules have been tremendously changed. The number of competitors is growing, and now it is more important than ever to invest time and money into intelligent SEO strategies.

SEO Tricks for Content Marketing Success

Here are several practical ways to combine your content with SEO techniques:

1. Keep your content relevant for Google.

With the way Google is working today, it has become harder to totally focus on a very small set of keywords and just have those keywords ranking very highly. Now the approach is more global, and there are a lot of factors to be taken into account. Google smartly categorizes pages using PageRank mathematical formula, that is supposed to facilitate the whole process of surfing the Web and help the user find relevant information in the fastest way. Bad news for small brands but good incentive to create better content. Keywords remain the essential part of an on-page optimization. It is important to use relevant keywords not only on the page but also include them into URL, meta information, title, and description.

2. Create evergreen content.

Unlike the regular news that give a short-term boost in Google due to a high number of searches, an evergreen content will be a better solution to generate more traffic in the long run. Think about the information that is truly meaningful for users, can be easily indexed by Google and will not be dated.  The good examples of articles that last are how-to guides, product reviews, best practices, storytelling, and interviews. Choose the ideas that best fit your business and create the content that will attract new visitors.

3. A new approach to link building. The whole approach to link building has changed. Now effective marketer should have a link building strategy to accumulate quality and credible backlinks that will eventually build trust to your site and around your brand. Infuse your content with backlinks from social media, guest posts and provide useful content for your readers.

4. Consider Social Influence. As a part of content marketing, social media has a huge importance for SEO. Original and quality content on your social media page linked to your website can attract a lot of traffic and is definitely a good way to get Google’s trust. Furthermore, social connections can make your content more popular if you optimize it with hashtags, join the discussions and encourage social sharing. Remember that social sharing equals external links when speaking about brand’s authority. That’s why once you have posted something on Twitter, make sure that your content is visible and attractive for readers to share it. The higher the engagement is, the higher your search rank will be.


In 2017 it ‘s hard to imagine an SEO strategy without a content strategy. Everyone who has been in an SEO space has noticed big changes that happened in the last couple of years, the same techniques that companies have been applying previously don’t give the same results these days.  Some fundamentals remain but it is important to realize that the traditional SEO is left behind. That’s why the key factor to achieve success nowadays is to merge smart SEO tricks and good content strategy to deliver the relevant and personalized content to your customers.

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