5 Ingredients of Awesome Content

Creating large amounts of awesome content is a primary concern of any website owner. However, what exactly is awesome content? What makes it awesome? What is the essence of awesomeness? Let’s take a look at 5 ingredients of this elusive quality, and how professionals achieve it.

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1.    Originality

This article can just as well end here, for the first point more or less encompasses the basic nature of what makes content good. Awesome content is always original. Websites that recompile, rephrase and regurgitate their own and someone else’s content over and over again can never hope to achieve significant results. Any content that is any good is original – we don’t even have to point out special examples.

2.    Actionability

Take Vitamix and Be Inspired subdivision of their website. Vitamix is a high-speed blender manufacturer, and it is only natural for their website to offer various recipes and describe interesting applications of their products. What makes it memorable is that content is presented in an unmistakably Vitamix’y manner, chock-full of high-quality original photos and makes you want to either start applying the recipes right away or run to the store page to order a device that makes all these gastronomical masterpieces possible.


3.    Usefulness

In the long run, people consume content not for the sake of doing so (although the well-written content is often interesting and entertaining enough even in isolation from practical application) – they do it to learn something. They want answers, and the want them right now, not scattered across a 5,000-word article.

Colgate’s Oral Care Center is a good illustration of this ingredient served right. People come here to learn about oral hygiene from an accepted authority, and the authority delivers: sometimes the necessary information can be extracted from a headline, without reading the article, and the texts themselves are concise, deliberate and to the point.

4.    Visuals

An average human attention span is infamously short, which means that you should make every effort to attract their attention in the shortest possible time. And the best way to do so is to use striking visuals – photos and pictures that would glue the visitor’s attention whether they want it or not.

GoPro is a good example. They are in perfect position to benefit from high-quality visuals, being in the market for video-creating cameras, but it doesn’t mean others cannot use similar strategies.

5.    Engagement

Using user-generated content is a win-win approach: clients get their share of fame, and the company gets a respite from creating content at a great expense.

Kat Von D is a famous tattoo artist who has her own makeup line; to promote her products, she invites those using them to post their pictures using her makeup on Instagram with a special tag, and then they get uploaded to the company’s website.

These five principles are at the core of successful content and content marketing. They help you attract attention, get new customers, increase brand visibility, and more – at least if you are ready to put a great deal of effort into abiding by them.

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