5 Most Effective Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2017

Content marketing is a core or at least a very important part of any self-respecting marketer’s arsenal; but although it is impossible to argue against content’s power to attract and keep clients, one cannot but admit that it may be rather difficult to manage. And it is exactly what this article is about – the tools that make this job easier and more effective.

Effective content marketing tools to use:

1.    ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a lot more than just a handy tool – it is an entire platform that exists for the sole purpose of making one’s work with content (be he a creator or a manager) as easy, smooth and streamlined as possible. A system for optimizing workflow is combined with a marketplace and a community where marketers, content creators, brand managers and publishers get together to create new and fascinating things. It doesn’t matter whether you are a content creator or a company marketing manager – ClearVoice will offer you something you would find attractive.

2.    MixPanel

One of the most common problems customer analytics tools suffer from is the fact that you have to be a rocket scientist to make even the slightest sense of what they tell you. MixPanel is a tool that has been created specifically for people who don’t want to spend days trying to figure out all the ins and outs of the system they’ve chosen to use – and it doesn’t mean it has a limited functionality. On the contrary, it offers a lot of things its many competitors forget about, such as mobile app A/B testing, creation of messages customized to reflect their receivers’ behavior, in-app surveys and more.

3.    Contently

Contently is a direct competitor of ClearVoice – it offers both a content management platform and a branching marketplace where this content can be bought and discussed with its creators. In addition to that, it track leads, easily works with other business management systems and excellently works for managing teams working on large projects. As content marketing is all about establishing long-term relations with people who are good at producing large amounts of high-quality content, Contently works to bring them together in an easy and community-building fashion.

4.    OutBrain

OutBrain can be primarily recommended to those marketers who have most of their problems not with production, but with publishing and distribution of their content. Want to increase the discovery rates of your content? Then you’ve come to the right place. The way it works is like this: your content will simply appear as recommended and suggested alongside well-known websites, both local and national. Of course, such service doesn’t come cheap, but it is probably the best way to quickly expand and increase your audience.

5.    Audacity

Want to join and make it big on the podcast scene? Then Audacity is your best friend. It is a powerful open-source audio editor which has one enormous benefit speaking for it – it is available completely free of charge, with no strings attached. It has a very impressive set of functions and capabilities – not only for a free tool, but when compared to the majority of its commercial competition as well. Multi-track mixing, pitch correction, elimination of background noise – these are just a few functions you will get.

6. Mixpanel

The main goal of content marketing (or any marketing, for that matter) is getting an insight into the thinking and behavior of customers, both current and potential ones. Mixpanel does exactly this – instead of measuring page views, it measures actions such as shares and searches, after which it presents the collected information in an easily consumable, understandable form. One of the main selling points of this tool is that you don’t have to be very tech-savvy to use it with excellent results.

7. Curalate

The Internet is getting ever more visually-oriented with every passing year, which means that images and video are getting more and more important for attracting customers. Curalate makes it easier to navigate an incomprehensible labyrinth of Pinterest and Instagram and influence the ways people discover your company and brand through visual content associated with it. You will get an opportunity to not just advertise your brand using awesome images, but influence what people do after viewing them as well.

8. Quantcast

Getting insight into who the visitors/users/clients of your business/service are is one of the most important methods of understanding what moves them, how they discover you, what they expect and need and so on. Quantcast provides a cross-platform measurement tool helping you understand more about the audience and why they stay or don’t stay with your business. Gain information about their demographic and lifestyle peculiarities, and you will be able to find ways to better influence them.

9. SurveyAnyPlace

Some may argue that surveys are outdated and unengaging, but the fact that they have been around for decades and show no signs of going anywhere means that they remain a viable marketing tool, especially when handled professionally and presented in an entertaining and exciting manner. SurveyAnyPlace offers you a tool for creating easily customizable online surveys with the emphasis on responsive design and mobile market, as well as powerful data analytics to actually gain useful insights from the information you’ve collected with your surveys.

10. Infogr.am

Infographics have been all the rage for the last couple of years, and it seems that their easily perceivable and consumable way of presenting information is still very much appealing for both end users and marketers. Infogr.am is a tool offering you an easy way to create charts and infographics to make the data you offer your visitors immediately more interesting and appealing. From simple graphs to complicated responsive and interactive infographics, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

11. Hemingway

Hemingway Editor is invaluable for those who write their texts on their own. It doesn’t require installation – you simply have to paste your text into the editing window, and the program will immediately highlight all the most common mistakes, such as overuse of adverbs, inconsistencies in the structure, overly complicated phrases and so on.

To sum up

Content is king, we’ve all heard it a hundred times. The problem is, no matter how awesome your content and how great a payoff you may expect from it, it doesn’t matter much if you are too bogged down under work to complete your tasks on time, or get too confused about when to publish what and via what medium. Hopefully, these tools will help you improve your efficiency!

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