4 Great Benefits of Accepting Guest Posts on your Site

For many years now guest blogging has been a tool people have used to expose their work to a wider audience. Whether it is through guest posting on sites such as Forbes or the Huffington Post that gets millions of views per day or simply on a small time gardening blog, it is a great way to make new connections, build quality backlinks and boost your authority on a given topic. A lot of people only think of it as a one-way street, and they do not consider the many benefits that are associated with opening up your blog to guest posts. This is not just reserved for major media sites – anybody can accept guest posts to their site.

So Why Should You Start Accepting Guest Posts on Your Site?

Here are four great benefits that are associated with accepting guest posts on your site. This could be a step that revolutionizes your blog in a significant way.

  1. Exposes your site to a new audience

While the aim of many guest posters is to be able to piggyback views and traffic from the owner of the site they are guest posting on, it can also work the other way.

When somebody does a guest post, they are inevitably going to want their fans to read it. Therefore they will publicize the post they did on their site on their social media platforms, blog etc.

This brings new eyes to your site which may, in turn, become long term readers and subscribers to your content.

  1. Extremely useful for your content quality and quantity

Running a blog can be tough at times. Constantly keeping it updated with new posts and pumping out content when you have a million other things going on in your life can be stressful.

One of the major keys to achieving sustained success with a blog or website is to be consistent, so there is a catch 22 situation that exists.

If you try to meet your content schedule when you don’t have much time, you will inevitably produce poorer content, and you may lose a significant amount of readers. Similarly, if you stop posting content completely, the same thing will inevitably occur.

However, if you accept guest posts, you can fill in these gaps of your content with somebody else’s high quality work. Your blog will be kept active, and there will be a constant flow of high-quality content. Guest bloggers want to make a good impression so that they will give you their best work.

  1. Build connections

When you begin to accept guest posts on your blog, you will start receiving correspondence from an interesting variety of people. While some of them might not fit the standards you require, there will be many that will.

You can build strong working relationships with these people, and they may be happy to have you guest post on their blogs in the future.

It is also a good way to network and builds connections for potential opportunities in the future. For example, if you are a freelance writer and somebody who guest posts on your blog also is a freelance writer if they are offered work that they cannot do due to time constraints, there is a good chance that they will recommend your services instead.

It is also a useful way to bounce ideas off people with similar ideas and backgrounds and offers potential collaboration opportunities in the future.

  1. Building links

One of the main benefits associated with guest posting is, of course, the act of link building. Most people guest post with the aim of having a link back to their site on a high authority website which in turn boosts their own website’s ranking.

As a result of them posting on your site, it is inevitable that they will link to your site at some stage in the future to reference certain material. This means that you will be getting more inbound links for your site’s SEO and it will, in turn, lead to your authority being boosted.

While inviting guest posts isn’t as useful for building links as it is to guest post on other sites, it is still a nice benefit to have.

As you can see, there are many different benefits associated with accepting guest posts on your site.

If you are wondering as to how exactly you should advertise the fact that you accept guest posts, you can do so by creating a page for submissions on your site, as well as promoting it on social media. It won’t take long for these submissions to start coming in.

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