Why Every Aspect of Marketing for Crypto Startups Is All about Content Marketing

Why Every Aspect of Marketing for Crypto Startups Is All about Content Marketing

Content marketing is still a seriously underused method of digital advertising in the crypto industry. Perhaps part of the reason is because it is an industry where the technical aspect of it is always close to the surface. More than other industries, founders tend to be technically gifted virtuosos and not connected entrepreneurs.

The uncertainty and perceived lack of transparency with which many view the crypto world is proof of this.

As a fledgeling venture, you can’t turn away any opportunity to generate attention, distinguish yourself, and build your credibility. Content marketing can be an effective conduit to do all of it at once.

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe the fact that digital advertising generated more than $100 billion in 2019, according to the IAB, will.

crypto startup promotion
content marketing for crypto startups


How marketing for a crypto startup is different than any other startup

1. Transparency is key

Getting people to adopt the vision hinges on convincing them to swap their “real” money for your cryptocurrency.  When money is on the line, people will expect more from you than promises and big ideas to earn their trust.

The crypto industry has had its fair share of scams and promising ideas that changed into total failures. This has made it a challenge to win over the peoples’ hearts and minds.

Experienced and savvy crypto-followers will expect transparency as a matter of principle. Those new to the crypto game might need it to build trust in the absence of technical knowledge.

2. Strong tie between credibility and founder reputation

Crypto startups rely heavily on the reputation of their founders to gain credibility. At least part of the reason for this comes down to the fact that cryptos are still largely selling potential and not long-term results. It’s still a new technology and a new industry that has seen large-scale, but not ubiquitous, adoption.

To measure your startup’s credibility, investors want to know what its founders have achieved previously. They want an answer to the question: “Who will make sure this startup doesn’t fail, unlike so many others?”

On top of being active on social media, publishing content or guest posts, and taking part in community discussions is a must.

3. Tricky Audience Segmentation

There are many different reasons why different people are looking for a new cryptocurrency. Some are attracted purely to financial and practical advantages like faster processing times and lower transaction fees. Others want the anonymity and “fairness” promised by the blockchain technology. Yet others look for specific use-cases such as those presented by tokens and dApps. These can range from buying computing resources to property, and almost anything in between.

No matter who your specific audience is, you’ll need to prove to them that you’ve got the answer to their prayers and that you’re the best solution out there.

4. The level of technical sophistication

Most people are left with their heads spinning the first time reading up on blockchain technology or a new type of cryptocurrency. This level of sophistication presents a barrier to attracting and winning the trust of the general public, that may still lack some background knowledge.

It also presents a challenge when it comes to creating clear and accessible content that’s nevertheless technically sound.

For cryptocurrencies, everything should start with a white paper that clearly explains what your solution to what problem is and why it’s the best way to get there. This also provides an extra layer of transparency as well as giving those willing to study up a way to understand your project.

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channels for content marketing


Channels for promoting your crypto startup


Reddit’s strict community moderation guidelines mean it’s not quite as simple as spamming threads with links to your startup. Reddit’s commitment to anonymity and peer-to-peer moderation aligns nicely with the principles behind blockchain technology.

To get anywhere on Reddit, you’ll have to prove your worth to the community as measured by the community itself. E.g., to post in the entrepreneur subreddit, you’ll need at least 10 Karma points. To get points, you’ll need to tell meaningful stories, share valuable resources, and give insightful opinions that get upvoted by the community.

Being a part of the community is already vital when marketing your crypto startup. Reddit actually puts this into practice. Putting yourself out there may seem daunting, but you’ll find it hard to find a more engaged and opinionated following.


Since Telegram is an open source project and an encrypted messaging service, it’s no surprise that it too is popular among proponents of crypto.

A big reason for this is that content or activity isn’t moderated by any central authority (sound familiar?). As you can imagine, this hasn’t made it popular among world governments. However, it has won over many fans in the crypto industry where anonymity and decentralization are key pillars.

In fact, Telegram isn’t owned by anyone. It will be free forever, and can’t be sold. In theory, anyway.

As a messaging service, that makes it especially effective is that you can engage with your audience more directly. There are no ads, news feeds, and content from other publications that can drown out your communications.

One of the great benefits to startups is that you can set up complex bot accounts to ease the strain on your marketing resources.

ICO Release Calendars and press release websites

2017 was known as the year of the ICO. According to CoinDesk, cryptocurrencies raised more funding ($327!) through ICOs than conventional venture capital investments.

The inevitable slew of hastily and opportunistically launched ICOs led to many false starts and a lot of lost money. Consequently, this kind of funding got somewhat of a bad rap, but it’s still a popular way of funding and marketing a crypto startup.

Crypto fans are always on the lookout for new opportunities or new cryptos with unique uses. This means listing your crypto on ICO calenders or popular websites for crypto press releases is a must-do. Here are some of the most popular ones:


If someone else was able to do it before, what’s standing in my way? That’s how the thinking goes, anyway. Just like in any form of investment, people look to the success stories of others for inspiration.

You can only improve your chances when marketing online by incorporating more channels that will engage new audiences. Just make sure you have the resources to pull it off without burning out and having to lower your standards.

Other popular channels for crypto startups are:

  • Steemit — a platform for community generated content where you are rewarded in their own cryptocurrency for creating, sharing, or giving feedback.
  • Discord — low-latency voice chat, two-factor authentication, automatic virus scanning, and integrations make this another no-brainer for a tech-savvy audience.
  • Twitter — this platform needs little introduction. It’s still a great way to distribute information to your followers in bite-sized chunks and is a must-have for almost any business.
  • Medium – Medium has become one of theplatforms for industry experts and innovators to share their next big ideas or projects. Altcoin has used it to successfully established themselves as a blockchain and crypto authority with their channel Altcoin Magazine.
marketing for crypto startups
marketing a crypto startup

Advantages of a sound content marketing strategy for your crypto startup

Super competitive space

In such a competitive industry, you can’t afford not to use an effective way of driving attention to your startup. Effective content marketing with valuable and engaging content is a proven way of generating organic traffic.

You never know when a new startup will pop up and dominate a niche. That’s why you can’t waste a second getting the word out. A solid marketing campaign can help you speed up the process of establishing yourself as the leader in your space.

Set yourself apart

To get ahead, you have to set yourself apart from the competition and present yourself as the only real solution to a specific problem. Not only will continually generating content give you the opportunity to properly lay out your vision but you’ll also be able to create your own unique voice. This is how you really connect with your target market segment and keep them coming back to you.

You’ll need to explain what you aim to solve, why you want to solve it, and how you plan on doing it.

Set yourself up as an industry authority

By creating high-quality, insightful, and valuable content that really engages the community, you can become more than just a voice for your project, but also for the world of crypto at large.

Because credibility is so sought after in the crypto world, being an authority will earn you quality link juice from other trusted publications. Once you’re established, you should also reach out to these publications to contribute guest posts, further cementing yourself as a thought leader. If you do it right, it’s very likely you’ll even be approached by these publications. Some prominent publications in the crypto industry are:

  1. Hackernoon
  2. Coindesk
  3. E27
  4. CoinTelegraph
  5. BitcoinChaser

Create a hub for your content

From a practical standpoint, running a blog, video channel, etc. of your own will act as a hub where you can control (or at least moderate) the discussions and determine the flow of content. Having your own feeds will ensure visitors always get a steady stream of your latest publications while also being able to easily dig up past ones.

On top of that, you choose what else will show up on your feed in terms of ads and guest posts, meaning it can’t be hijacked or drowned out by other sources, like on social media.

content strategy for a crypto startup
content strategy


Can you afford not to make content marketing part of your story?

Content marketing is an effective way to kill multiple birds with one stone by:

  • Raising awareness of your crypto startup by generating more traffic
  • Establishing yourself as an industry authority, building your reputation and credibility
  • Be more transparent by continuously updating your followers and engaging the community
  • Distinguish yourself by clearly spelling out your place in the industry and how you are unique

In such an ultra-competitive space, content marketing can be the difference between spluttering out or gaining real momentum in an industry where exposure and adoption are everything.

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