Content Marketing Inspiration from the Giants: Red Bull

Recent studies indicate that the average Internet user’s attention span grows shorter with only 37 seconds spent on reading a single article (NewsCred Insights). However, content marketing remains the king of digital promotion tools, and according to reports, most businesses are planning to increase their investments into it. The secret of success in this endeavor lies in the development and implementation of an effective content marketing strategy. And Red Bull is a prime example of content marketing inspiration.

Red Bull: Sports Content Marketing Inspiration Examples That Redefined the Industry

Red Bull is a company with a marketing strategy that’s an inspiration to all due to both its impressive results and brilliant use of innovation. The Australian company appeared only in 1987, and yet today it’s known all over the world, has its Formula 1 team, sponsors hundreds of sports events, and has won the title as the most visible brand in extreme sports.

It was the advertisement, especially the use of top-quality video content, that helped Red Bull become the name associated with all things ‘cool’ in the sports industry and, by extension, for all of the industry fans. Nowadays, this particular energy drink holds 70-90% of its market in the majority of the countries, despite the fact that it isn’t even a patented (read unique) beverage.

So, how did Red Bull achieve all this?

They developed an innovative (at the time) content marketing strategy that attracted millions of extreme sports fans. They started using videos and organizing campaigns to produce even more unique extreme sports videos putting their brand name on this new version of presenting a whole sports industry.

Red Bull Stratos: A Campaign That Made History

Red Bull Stratos Project

One of the finest examples of content marketing from Red Bull is the Stratos jump from the edge of space during which Felix Baumgartner, a skydiver from Austria broke several world records. However, marketing-wise, it was a much more impressive success for the brand as the sales of Red Bull increased by 7%, which amounted to billions in profits.

The Stratos project was marketed heavily with videos published through all of Red Bull’s channels. With the video of the jump that took place on the 14th of October 2012 having over 40 million views on YouTube. On the day of the jump, Econsultancy reports registering more than 900,000 Facebook interactions alone for the Red Bull account.

Example Of Excellent Content Targeting: Red Bull Extreme Sports Videos

Nowadays, Red Bull keeps using the strategy that has solidified their success, expanding it with innovative techniques. They have a thriving YouTube channel that provides regular updates of extreme sports videos and has 5,7 million subscribers. However, their main route for sharing content is Facebook, where the Red Bull account has 47,1 million likes. They utilize all the network’s publishing opportunities to the fullest, filling their wall with short videos and other fantastic visuals that relate to the brand’s motto of ‘giving the drinker wings.’

When one examines these numbers, it might seem that the content marketing success of this brand is too astounding to come from clever videos. It is true because Red Bull’s content marketing isn’t only about them. It’s the company’s approach to the advertisement as a whole that makes them the leader. To Red Bull, promotion is an integral part of the business itself. They use every tool available to reach their targeted group of customers, and their insight into these people is incredibly deep.

Customer Targeting Done Right

Red Bull elevates an individual consumer by telling stories of personal achievements of extreme sports athletes. These stories are an content marketing inspiration in themselves, and the clever insertion of branding into the clips promotes the company better than a mere self-serving ad ever could. Red Bull’s content tells a story of success of an individual that their prospective buyers can relate to, with the focus of it firmly fixed on the person.

In essence, they don’t try to ‘sell’ the idea that ‘Red Bull is amazing and that’s why these people drink it.’ These clips go more along the lines of ‘these people are amazing, and they choose to drink Red Bull, and we help them become even better.’ It’s this kind of subtle endorsement that appeals to a contemporary consumer, especially one who is a fan of extreme sports that attract people who strive for recognition of their personal achievements.

How to Use Red Bull Practices in the Content Marketing World of Today

Red Bull’s stunning success shows what can be achieved when top-quality content marketing is applied to various media channels consistently. This brand clearly shows that the type of content matters most as it has to be firmly customer-oriented. Understanding the consumer and providing them with the type of content they want regularly (and frequently) is the way to go to win and retain customer loyalty today.

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