How to Become a Gold Winner in Content Marketing Olympiad

During these days the whole world is watching all the events of the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. Meanwhile, we in LuckyPosting agency decided to help you to win your own gold medal in such field as content marketing.

As we all know, content marketing is what defines the success of any website, blog or online promotion campaign. If you are serious about your project, you cannot forgo paying full attention to it.


However, there is a world of difference between trying to use content marketing and doing it right. In this article, we will provide some actionable tips on how you can improve your content marketing so that it actually brings you results.

1.    Remove the Unnecessary Social Sharing Buttons

It is a very good example of how less can be more. Many websites add sharing buttons for all conceivable and inconceivable social media, irrespective of what their target audiences are and which media they frequent. One look at Analytics is enough to make a well-informed decision: if you see that the absolute majority of your social traffic comes from Twitter, why clutter the design with half a dozen other buttons? By giving multiple options, you spread yourself thin and distract the visitors – there are, after all, studies showing that removing sharing options increases overall net reach.

2.    Get Rid of Perfectionism

If you try to always achieve perfection, you won’t be able to get anything done on time or at all. Remember that 20 percent of effort is responsible for 80 percent of result – which means that incessant editing and rewriting follow the law of diminishing returns. In other words, the longer you work on a piece, the less efficient and effective every subsequent hour you spend on it is. Kill your inner editor, allow yourself to just write, probably even do it with your eyes closed for a while – you will edit something out later, of course, but don’t do it while you write.

3.    Make Guest Posts

Spreading your guest posts on websites and blogs important for your industry can go a long way in promoting your product, services and company. Make sure you put a link back to your resource in your bio – not only does it attract traffic, but also builds up authority, both your own and that of your brand.

4.    Don’t Forget about Audience Targeting

Trying to please and attract everyone never works, even within an already chosen demographic. Fans of your product/service aren’t homogenous – they don’t share the same set of interests and preferences. Trying to create a universal message for every single one of them is lazy, vague and just plain inefficient. But by consciously eliminating certain groups from your outreach you can make yourself ten times as attractive for others, especially if you use highly polarizing subjects.

5.    Develop the Narrative

Human brain is hard-wired to be attracted to stories and moved by them. Therefore, having a strong and consistent brand narrative clearly seen in everything you and your company do will greatly help in establishing a recognizable brand image and creating a loyal client base. Try to get closer to your potential clients, add a human touch to your content, make your company look like a collection of individuals rather than a faceless corporation.

6.    Blog Consistently

If you blog at fairly regular intervals, you have a much higher probability of attracting new customers than if you only do it randomly. If your audience expects you to produce new content, and if this content is consistently useful and interesting, the old readers will stay with you and suggest your blog to their friends and acquaintances, and new people will be more likely to discover it.

There is no esoteric knowledge that will help you become a master content marketer immediately – it always involves time and a lot of hard work. But if you start out early on and continue to stably move forward, there is nothing your business can’t achieve.

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