How to promote business using newsjacking + 3 going examples

Your company uses all well-known methods to increase its popularity, but it is a common staff to aspire something more: sales, profit, loyal clients, and so on. That’s why you must be interested in using newsjacking in online and offline promotion. Don’t you still know what it is and how this technique in digital marketing can help your reputation? You can find out about content promotion as well.

Here is its definition

Newsjacking is applied by public relations specialists and content marketers because it really helps to attract attention to brands and their advertising campaigns. This technique is used by numerous enterprises, which have already tried modern approaches in the promotion.

It means newsjacking allows using ‘fresh’ news as viral content, connecting it with the target company. For instance, when an eclipse happens people will be interested in ads dedicated to special sunglasses.

Newsjacking is able to solve such brand issues:

  • to generate customers’ loyalty. After reading your post people probably will visit your website, and find there something interesting for them. Besides, the more often you will remind about your brand in social networks, the more attractive will be your product for potential customers.
  • to increase social inclusion. Many companies and shops newsjack with hashtags. They help in generating users’ interest to the event. Using hashtags can help you in tracing potential clients’ reaction and creating a specific context of the upcoming event.
  • to survive the creative crisis. If you have no idea what to write about, just read news, and you will probably get the inspiration.


The most outstanding newsjacking examples

Duracell’s ‘The battle for Christmas morning’

The seventh episode of Star Wars inspired many companies, but the best work that have got 30 million views belongs to famous manufacturer of batteries. The promotional video shows us the power of two young Jedis, who possess light sabers working on batteries Duracell.

Eurostar’s appeal to David Beckham

The railway company brilliantly poked fun at David Beckham, after he had made a statement in 2013 about his plans to move from the club ‘Real Madrid’ to the Parisian team ‘Paris Saint-Germain’. The brand’s public relations specialists hinted to the famous footballer that the name of his next child may be Paris. Why? His first child’s name is Brooklyn.

Luis becomes a sweet star

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was quite exciting, and a piece of fame belongs to Luis Suarez – Uruguayan player who bitten another Italian football player. No matter why it had happened but Snickers used it. They have made a poster with the following words: ‘More satisfying than Italian’. In such a way marketers in this company have realized their humor using current news and made its advertising campaign viral and very popular among football fans.

So now you can see that newsjacking is a useful approach in digital marketing. No surprise that using it will let small and large business to get more clients and their loyalty, increase sales and profit. That’s why marketers should follow recommendations which you can find in listed below examples.


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