In Da Club: 10 Secrets of Viral Content from 50 Cent

If you think your life is a rollercoaster, meet like made-for-TV-movie story of an immortal street king, Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson who made his way from the crack dealer to one of the most famous musicians of all times. The rapper, entrepreneur, investor, actor, record, film and television producer, he as anyone else knows how to provide for himself by any means.

50 cent

50 Cent is a real proof of the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you make you stronger’. Born in  Queens, NY, he was brought up by his grandmother, as his mother, heroin dealer, was murdered when he was 8. He’s got arrested while in 10th grade, as he became a crack dealer himself. He was imprisoned and served a six-month sentence, and in 2000 at the beginning of his career singer was attacked and shot 9 times. It’s a miracle that he stayed alive after injuries. Furthermore, he managed to turn his fear from the attack into a motivation and successful life strategy.

The fame knocked on 50 Cent’s door in 2003 when he released his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ . His discography counts 5 studio albums, 76 singles, 88 music videos, 10 mixtapes, 2 video, 1 soundtrack and 4 compilation albums. 50 Cent is the 5th richest hiphop mogul in the world. His net worth is $155 million dollars. These numbers are already impressive, not counting 25 movies he was engaged in as an actor, producer, and a writer.

Production, video games industry, clothing line, energy drinks, books, headphones,
platinum, dietary supplements, and moisturizers is there a limit to 50 Cent’s business empire, you’ll ask? It seems that he’s not going to stop.

“Once you’re it, there is no time to rest on laurels. It’s time to market the hell out of yourself – thus, getting more exposure” says Curtis .

What golden rules can everyone learn from Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson?

#1 Listen to your audience and don’t forget to surprise it

Over 1 mln subscribers in Youtube, almost 9 mln followers on Twitter and more than 38 mln on Facebook. Curtis simply knows how and what his audience wants to talk about. He always keeps his fans updated about his products, new video releases, series with his performance, etc. Furthermore, he offers his audience a wide range of prices so as anyone can afford his product or service. Such approach ensures larger audience engagement.

But 50 Cent talks a lot of crack has a lot of feuds with people in his industry and uses a vulgar lexicon. So why he’s still valued and considered a high level professional? His
experience is a key. His fans can rely on him – again and again because he produces
exactly what his audience asks. Aggressive and brutal? “OK, You’re Right” but life’s not a “Candy Shop”.

#2 Trust your gut and be resilient

Life gave Curtis not an easy challenge but he managed to overcome barriers and fight fear no matter what it costs to him. And finally, he’s learned to trust his gut. We can take as an example his endorsement deal with Vitamin Water (50 got a stake in the parent company, Energy Brands). When CocaCola bought Energy in May 2007, Jackson’s stake netted him $100 million. But at the beginning, his managing staff took not seriously such 50’s plan to sell water and talked him out of the deal.

“My manager, when I told him I wanted to sell water … was like, ‘Water? Where?’ If I’d have said I want to sell vodka, he would have got it, but I wanted water. [Water] is the topselling beverage, and it’s consumed where music is played” – said Jackson .

It’s good to listen to the smart advice of others, but it can also restrict you from growth. Sometimes it’s better to listen to your intuition instead.

#3 Sell all your talents

50th Law

We are not born just with one talent or skill. You can be a good singer, but also a gifted film producer, writer, and actor. 50 Cent proves it the best. 50 wrote two biography books From Pieces to Weight in 2005 ( 87,000 copies sold that are equal 1.9 million dollars) and The 50th Law in 2009. Also, he was playing the main role in a 2005 American hiphop crime film Get Rich or Die Tryin’ that is based on 50 Cent’s own life. After this movie, he took part in two dozens of other films as an actor or producer. Curtis simply told and continue to tell his story in different forms and channels, in such way verifying his expertise and passion towards all he does.

#4 Connect with the right people and make friends

Your talent is just one part of a deal, but if you’re not hanging out with the right people, it will be much harder to catch your star. Thanks to his friend, 50 Cent met Jam Master Jay of RunDMC, who was establishing Jam Master Jay Records in 1996. Later on, because of his network, he was noticed and introduced to Eminem and Dr.Dre who took his career to the next level.There always should be people who love what you do, support you and talk out loud about your brand. Bring up your ‘brand angels’ as 50 Cent does and you’ll never lose.

#5 Be multidisciplinary

The great ideas are born at the intersection of different fields and experiences. If you are a rapper, why can’t you create a closing line or videogames, or maybe launch a new line of dietary supplements and moisturizers or even invest in heavy metal? All the time 50 Cent launches a new product, he asks himself ‘why not?’ Such mix of products and brand gives you unique opportunities to engage with your fans in a new way and open alternative revenue streams. Only one gaming industry brought him 125 million dollars.

With his life and business strategy, 50 Cent teaches us “fear nothing” whatever we do
because “the firmer your grasp on reality, the more power you will have to alter it for your purposes.” So, let’s turn disadvantages into opportunities and ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

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