12 Ingredients of Successful Guest Post [Infographic]

Writing a successful guest post is like making a meal in that it’s a complicated piece of work that has lots of ingredients, and sides, and must be served right. Had your guest post been a burger, all its ‘ingredients’ will have to be used perfectly to create a delightful blend of flavors that everyone is sure to love.

ingredients of successful guest post

Ingredients of Successful Guest Post

1.      Platform

This is the top bun of your virtual ‘guest post burger’ and if this part doesn’t fit, the audience will lose its appetite before even looking into what it is that you offer. Choosing the right platform is the most important first step in the guest posting 101.

Look into the most authoritative portals in your niche and try to place your post there. Curb your ambitions of serving your delicious ‘burger’ at a black-tie dinner party lest you be banned for spamming the exulted audience.

2.      Scannable Structure

Scannable structure, or plainly put ‘readability’ is the ketchup, and many people will agree that it’s the ‘lifeblood’ of a burger.

Remember how bad it tastes with a mayo instead of the tomato goodness? That’s the effect a poorly structured post creates.

The structure encompasses:

  • Subheadings
  • Bullet point lists
  • Bold and italics

Make your post clear and easy on the eyes to make it appealing to the reader.

3.      Pictures and Visuals

Visuals are those great extras that you can do without in a pinch, but their addition makes everything better. As the people of today are highly visual-oriented, including a few great shots (relevant to the topic) and/or videos into your guest post is a sure way to catch the attention of prospective customers.

Do note that unlike with a real burger, the absence of these extras will mean that only the most hardcore fans will bother reading through the post.

4.      Research and Arguments

Your research and arguments are pickles, which means that some of the public will hate them on principle. However, they are an essential part of the burger tradition and must never be forgone.

Adding an expert’s opinion boosts the credibility of your post, and linking to a relevant study helps persuade the readers that your point of view is truly valid. Statistics make a great attention grabber and developing sound arguments based on all those materials is the recipe of a high-quality post.

5.      Topic

Topic is the ‘meat’ of your guest post and the most important part of it because a ‘burger’ can’t really exist without it. Like a good piece of meat, it must be juicy, fresh, and flavored in a way that will make the ‘meal’ an outstanding memory for the readers.

To think up a great topic you can look into the recent news on the portals frequented by your targeted audience. You also should follow niche-relevant blogs and influencers to seek inspiration from them.

6.      Headline

The headline is the first thing a prospective customer sees when they encounter your guest post on a portal, so it must be impressive.

It’s the part of the guest post that you must spice up to the best of your ability. In content marketing the ‘spices’ are intriguing questions, suggestive claims, buzzwords, and even puns.

7.      Opening Paragraphs

Opening paragraphs are as important as the headline albeit more ‘spread out’ information wise. They must also include all those ‘spicy’ attention-grabbing details but give off more information.

The intro must outline the article well so that the reader can decide whether they should look further.

8.      Product Placement

Product placement is the product link and an anchor it’s attached to. Going with the burger metaphor, it’s your cheese. This means that it has to melt and mold into the post, complementing the flavors of it perfectly and enhancing the whole thing.

Never make the anchor spammy or promotional. Instead, focus on integrating it into the text so that it looks like it belongs.

9.      Call to Action

Call to Action is the onions, which add the flavor and make any regular burger into something more special and filling.

Install a CTA that encourages the action you hope to achieve. It might be a suggestion, a question, or a call to share the post through social media.

10.  Promotion of the Articles

Promotion of the post is the final piece of bun that wraps up your guest post and is as essential as the meat itself.

You must do your best to let people know about your guest post, for example by sharing it through social media, tagging in opinion influencers, or including it in your email campaign.

11.  Humor

Ever tried chocking down a burger dry?

Chocking is the right word there, but a glass of Coke will solve your problems and make it slide down your throat smoothly.

The ‘Coke’ is humor, which you should always try to include in your posts to make them more enjoyable to readers.

12.  Interaction with Readers

Interacting with your readers is vital to make a good impression and earn some brownie points for your brand.

Answer comments, join discussions and just thank people for sharing their opinions under the post.

Make a Successful Guest Post by Minding All Ingredients

To be the best guest posting star on any blog, you must remember all your ‘ingredients’ and use them in the right order and perfect proportions. If you feel like learning more about a guest posting burger or would like some help creating yours, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we can’t wait to get to know you!

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