Leveling Up SMM for Success by Mastering Facebook Stories

Social media marketing is the way to go if you want to promote your business today, as over 2.8 billion people use social media. Facebook is the absolute leader among them. Almost 80% of Americans use Facebook, and over 50 million accounts on this network belong to various businesses. Facebook Stories is a new feature that can help take your marketing to a new level. Including them in your strategy when planning SMM for success should help achieve your goal.

Facebook Stories are a short video and/or image messages that disappear within 24 hours. The flexibility of this format allows many creative applications, for example, introducing products or services, teaching your customers how to use a product, announcing special offers, etc.

You can assess the responses to your Stories immediately. A good social media marketing strategy should account for analyzing the reactions to every individual Story and using the collected data to improve the next one.

SMM for Success: Why Facebook Stories?

Surprisingly, Facebook isn’t the first network to offer the Stories format. The original idea came from Snapchat and was taken up by Instagram last year. In roughly six months after the launch on Instagram, Stories accumulated about 150 million users. Due to the extensive user base of Facebook, their Stories will generate a much larger number of views.

When you learn about effective marketing, you need to understand that Stories are geared towards mobile users. It’s another reason why they are a great tool to use in a contemporary SMM campaign because the number of these people is constantly increasing. For example, only last year the number of mobile daily Facebook users has grown by 23%.

How to Make Your Own Facebook Story

To create a story, you need to:

  1. Tap the circle icon (Your Story) at the top of your mobile Facebook newsfeed. It has a tiny plus at the top right corner. This will automatically switch you to the Facebook Camera mode.
  2. You can shoot live video or take pictures for your Story.


  1. You can choose which videos and/or photos stored on the device you want to upload.
  2. Enhance the Story using filters, doodles, and masks to customize the. The library of these visual effects far outshines the one offered by Instagram.
  3. Post the Story.

How to Use Facebook Stories for Effective SMM

As a marketer, you should make the best use of this Facebook feature by creating different types of Stories that will help customers relate to your brand.

Formats to try:

  • Behind-the-scenes. Invite your customers into the private life of your business by sharing personal stories, opinions, and a sneak-peak into your daily activities. This method will make people feel closer to you and ‘humanize’ your brand.
  • Introduce a large piece of content, such as a video or an e-book by making a short Story-teaser with snippets of footage and recap of the main points.
  • Special offers. Today Stories can only be viewed by your Friends, and Facebook limits their number at 5,000. This provides a perfect opportunity for making exclusive, time-sensitive offers that will make your most loyal customers feel more special.
  • How to videos. Boost your credibility as a business by sharing your expertise in various areas through short educational videos.
  • User-generated content.
    Show your customers how much you care about them by making a Story based on their videos or images. For example, photos with your products in them.
  • Direct customer engagement.
    Address your customers directly asking some question and invite them to share their opinions in Replies.

You can see how well your Story performs with the help of a simple analytics service. Facebook allows you to see who viewed your Story by tapping the small Eye icon at the bottom left corner. There is no separate feature to keep track of the data, so you can simply make screenshots.

People can leave replies to your Story, which will appear in your Direct Inbox. Due to the nature of this feature, you should answer fast, before the video disappears. This inbox isn’t tied to regular Facebook and Messenger notifications, so don’t forget to check it.

Facebook Stories have been introduced only recently, and their marketing uses are currently limited to ‘personal use only.’ Business pages don’t have Stories yet, but we can hope that this will change in the near future.

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