3 Pitfalls of Using DIY Infographic Design Services

Content with compelling images generates up to 94% more total views. And infographics are some of the most compelling images one can find, which is proven by their superior sharing through social media. Therefore, using this tool as a part of your business marketing strategy is essential, and you can make them easily using DIY infographic design services, like Canva or Piktochart.


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However, once you look deeper into this, you’ll see that making infographics on your own isn’t as easy as everybody says. Despite the promises of those services, the majority of graphics made by non-professionals are weak and unable to generate a high level of marketing response. It means that you might be wasting your precious time while designing an infographic from scratch. The time that you’d better have invested in developing your business.

Common Pitfalls of Using Infographic Design Services

There’s no arguing the fact that infographic design services available today are versatile, efficient, and creative. They have the tools needed to create stellar infographics for your marketing. As these services are rather cheap or even free (those mostly with limited functionality), you also get to save money using them. This matter is particularly important for small businesses and entrepreneurs, who are just starting.

However, you may face many pitfalls when using infographic design services without specialized training.

1.      Making multiple design mistakes

Infographics, like any good visuals, must have a perfect combination of graphical elements to produce the effect you need. Among them are fonts, font sizes, colors, pictures, and a variety of other elements that make up an infographic.

Also, not only do you need to choose the right type of each element and ensure they go well together. You also have to keep the elements organized most efficiently. Remember that even when some elements look great on their own, they might distract from each other when presented in a single infographic.

Professional designers learn how to do all this. If you haven’t attended classes for that, you’ll have to learn all of it on your own, and this requires time. Therefore, to use infographic design services correctly and efficiently, you’ll need to master at least the basics of design first.

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2.      Spending a lot of time on a single task

Making infographics is time-consuming regardless of how good of a designer you are and which tools you use. Creating this type of marketing visual entails:

  • Researching and collecting data
  • Processing data and separating the facts that can be visualized through an infographic
  • Designing and creating an infographic

DIY infographic design services are only able to help you with the last stage of the process. So, you’ll have to spend a great deal of your time on creating even one piece of content like this. But do you have enough time to dedicate it to a single task? Also, you should consider that to achieve maximum marketing benefits you’ll need to post various infographics frequently and consistently. It may take time off your other entrepreneurial duties quite often.


3.      Inability to conduct a thorough research

Two of the main mistakes that reduce the value and efficiency of infographics are lack of relevant information in them and poorly cited sources (or low-quality sources in general). Creating this type of visual content is a lot like writing a thesis.

To create a top-quality infographic one must:

  • Know where to find relevant information
  • Understand how to identify the most valuable sources in the niche
  • Cite all sources correctly

Doing this research requires not only time but also a great deal of skills and patience. Online infographic design services cannot take over the research part for you as they only focus on visual aspects of infographics creation.

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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Infographic Design Services

There are two ways of avoiding any problems associated with infographics. One is not to make them at all, and the other is to hire a professional to do the job for you. According to the recent statistics, infographics and original graphics are the most engaging type of visual content that generate the best marketing results. Therefore, not using them isn’t an option.

Hiring professionals is more expensive, but these services often have loyalty discounts and special offers for their packages, so even a small business can find an affordable option.

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