Top 4 Resources to Teach You All About Content Marketing Tools

There are plenty of differing opinions on the most efficient way to build a promo strategy and which content marketing tools to use to achieve the best results. However, one thing that remains true is that there is no universal formula for the perfect campaign. As such, you must learn a variety of techniques and understand their strengths and weaknesses to design a truly good strategy. The Internet would be your best helper in this as it’s a bottomless fountain of information on all things content marketing.

We’ve done massive amounts of research to bring you the list of top-quality content marketing sites, books, and courses that will help you truly understand the ‘content universe’.

List of Fundamental Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing Institute: The #1 Website for Every Marketer

Whether you are a pro marketer, a business owner, or just a beginner entrepreneur, who wants to understand how to do content marketing right, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) website is the first place to go. This website is packed with information on a variety of marketing subjects.

Here you can learn the basics, find independent reviews of various tools, software solutions, and popular promo strategies. You can even find detailed marketing case studies and reports that would help you develop a better plan for your business.

The CMI hosts the Content Marketing World event every spring and is the leading source of all progressive info in the industry. They have their magazine you can subscribe to and even offer the services of a professional consulting group. Here you can also find links to other relevant sources in the content marketing industry as well as get invites to great webinars.

CMI is the source you need to follow to stay informed on all the most important developments in the industry.

HubSpot Blog: ‘Where Marketers Go to Grow’

The HubSpot Blog motto holds true as this is the #1 blog in the marketing industry. HubSpot, in general, is the source of content marketing solutions with premium quality. Their software is extremely efficient and used by a variety of industry professionals.

The HubSpot Blog has two sections, one dedicated to Sales and the other to Marketing. It should be noted that even if you are only seeking marketing info, you should keep an eye on ALL articles as they can give you some great business ideas.

This blog would help you keep up to date with the latest trends and offer great examples of efficient strategies. They also often offer good advice on how to avoid marketing mistakes. Also, they provide reviews of various analytics tools and other software.

However, unlike CMI, this is only a complementary information source. It cannot teach you all the relevant information on the marketing basics, like a class or a specialized textbook, would.

MarketingProfs: University for Marketing

MarketingProfs is one of the best content marketing websites on the Internet. Here you can not only find a wealth of helpful articles but also get efficient online or in-person training. MarketingProfs events, such as conferences and online seminars, are recognized as some of the best in the industry, and you can get a complete schedule of them on the site.

There are several types of training programs for individuals and groups. Depending on the package, training can last from a few weeks to a year. During this time you’ll get access to the PRO Marketing Library, events, and contact with the MarketingProfs Community. The MarketingProfs University offers all the benefits (and challenges) of structured learning.

The costs of the programs vary, but even studying the free sources available to the public is enough to see that your money won’t be wasted on this particular marketing school. The flexibility of their learning packages is another great advantage that sets MarketingProfs apart from many other similar courses as it enables everyone to find a training program that fits their personal needs and schedule.

Epic Content Marketing…’ by Joe Pulizzi: The Best Book on Content Marketing

Its full name is quite a mouthful, to say the least, but surprisingly, the main strength of this book is that it’s written in a very simple manner.

It makes it perfect for beginners and everyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of content marketing. Despite being published in 2013, this work of Joe Pulizzi still holds the title of the unofficial ‘Marketing Bible’. As it teaches the lessons that remain relevant even today.

The book is a great helper if you want to understand not only HOW content marketing works but also WHY it’s so effective. Getting a grasp on this particular matter would help you design the most efficient strategies in the future.

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