Slogans to save the world: 3 amazing examples

The slogan is one of the most effective ways to influence the target audience. Besides, some companies are obliged their popularity to the slogan that accompanies their brand.

To make it happen, it must be easy, attractive, and conative. By this reason, marketers investigate customers, their tastes, desires, etc. Only real professionals can create it.


Top-3 advertising slogans

  1. McDonald’s: I’m lovin’ it.

Global branding campaign belongs to Heyer&Partner authorship. Advertising was launched in German ‘Ich liebe es’ in Munich in 2003. Slogan quickly gained popularity and became known around the world. Target audience uses the text of the slogan in everyday life all the time. ‘That’s it! That’s what I like! This is for me!’ – so each client sees it in his own way. In general, the meaning stands in several ways:

  • I love just the restaurant created by Ronald McDonald;
  • I like to buy here a certain ‘dish’, for example, Royal Cheeseburger;
  • I like positive and easy attitude to life, as well as food prepared quickly and deliciously by someone else.

It is worth noting, that last year the brand has developed a new slogan ‘Lovin’ Beats Hatin”, which now exists in parallel with the ‘I’m loving it’. This phrase is created to further ‘the spread of happiness on the Internet-hate background’.

  1. Nike: Just do it.

The author of the slogan is Den Weiden. He is a Creative Director and one of the owners of Weiden&Kennedy advertising agency in Portland. ‘Let’s do it!’ – said Gary Gilmore, a suicide murderer from McCoy, Texas, before his execution. He was executed for killing two people in 1977. Weiden and Gilmore were from the one town.


As Den told later, only this phrase came to mind while he was thinking about the slogan for Nike. It discloses perfectly all aspects of the brand and its customers. But the final version that was submitted to the management of the company, sounded a little differently – ‘Just do it’.

The word ‘Just’ was taken from popular advertising campaign against drug ‘Just say NO’, which was developed by Nancy Reagan. Den Weiden thought it was the perfect combination, and he was right. The slogan has become one of the most popular in the world and its creator never hid the fact that these were the last words of an executed offender.

  1. KFC: Finger Lickin’ Good.

The most popular slogan of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was created in 1950. Nevertheless, the phrase is still alive and attracts customers. This slogan appeared quite by accident. During television advertising, there was Dave Harman (brother of Pete Harman, the first franchise owner in Utah), licking their fingers in the background. One viewer called to the channel with an appeal that someone is licking his fingers in the background. KFC manager Ken Harbaugh, who picked up the phone, answered to the claim as follows: ‘Well, it really finger lickin’ good’. Over time, this phrase has become the most popular slogan of KFC.

There was only one task faced by all these corporations: to say the same as others, but not like others. And they really did it.

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