Why There Is so Much Talk about Guest Posting Now

A few years back Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, generated quite a bit of buzz by proclaiming that guest posting and its value in terms of SEO are dead and gone, and there is no way it will ever return to its former glory.

It is almost three years since then, and what do we see? Guest blogging is just as prominent a feature of online landscape as it used to be, albeit in a somewhat different fashion. But why exactly does it remain a fixture and gains new proponents every day? Let’s try and explain it in plain English.

1.    You Get Backlinks

The number of backlinks remains one of the most important factors in Google rankings – simply put, the more backlinks you have, the higher your ranking is. And don’t forget about the additional traffic you get this way.

2.    You Use an Audience Built by Someone Else

It takes a long time, effort and dedication to build a blog that would be visited by many people on a regular basis. Even after it is established, merely maintaining a status quo is far from being a trivial task – if a blogger is lax in his update schedule or allows himself to decrease the quality standard for content, it won’t take the audience long to move elsewhere. When you post your content on an already established blog, you tap into the resources created by someone else – and it is priceless.

3.    You Build Useful Connections

Both in terms of links and interpersonal relations. When you start guest posting, you invariably meet new people: blog owners, members of their communities, industry experts and influencers and so on. First, you get a legitimate reason to contact them, then you are free to use these connections for whatever projects you are going to run in the future. They say that connections are the most important resource you can have – guest posting will get it for you in droves.

4.    You Increase Your Popularity

In the long run, exposing your content to a wider audience than your own, mingling with big names in your industry, posting your name where a lot of people can see it will slowly but steadily make it recognizable, win you the reputation of a person who means something in your chosen industry. Thus, in future you can expect your own blog to grow in popularity as well.

5.    You Get More Targeted Traffic

By spreading your guest posts over relevant blogs, you not simply get more traffic, you get more targeted traffic – of course if you approach the task in a proper fashion and choose your target blogs and topics of your posts wisely. If you manage to tap into audiences that have a lot in common with your own, you get your blog visited by people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say and who have a good chance to stay more than a couple of seconds or even become regular visitors or subscribers.

6.    You Nurture Your Credibility

People are inclined to evaluate what they see by proximity. They may have never heard your name, but if they regularly see it in popular blogs run by industry influencers, they will soon start associating you with them. The more often your name appears in different contexts, the better.

As you may see, guest blogging is not just making a comeback – it has been steadily developing for years, and has become a natural part of any serious marketing campaign or SEO effort. And you shouldn’t neglect it as well – at least if you are looking for new ways to expand.

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